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Rwanda is also known as Republic of Rwanda. It is located a few south of the Equator. It is bordered by countries such as Uganda, Tanzania, Congo and Burundi. The capital of Rwanda is Kigali. Rwanda safari is very famous among the tourists who visit Rwanda. This is the best way to experience scenic beauty of Rwanda. Tourists prefer Rwanda safari because they can get to know Rwanda better. It is home to animals such as elephants, buffaloes, Giraffes and zebras milling in the savannah, more than a dozen species of antelope which includes the chestnut-coated impala, the diminutive oribi, the ungainly tsessebe and the secretive bushbuck. Among all the animals Mountain Gorilla is the most loved animal by tourists. Lake Kivu is a very beautiful inland sea in Rwanda. It is an endangered species of Gorilla. It is also home to active volcanoes. Tourists can have an experience of a lifetime in Rwanda.


Although you may think of hiking in the hot jungle or desert when you think of a Rwanda Safari, that is not the case with most of them. Although there are various different safaris you can go on, many of them include skilled guides and air conditioned vehicles. Taking your family on a safari like this will be unforgettable for everyone and include a lot of unique memories. When you go on a safari you will have the opportunity to see various animals in their real habitats, not like they are in when they are at the zoo. Your guide will tell you fun facts about the climate and the animals so your entire family will learn a lot about them. If you want to go on a longer tour you will be able to stay in a nice hotel and enjoy delicious gourmet meals through the duration of your trip.



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