Nyungwe Forest National park – Chimpanzee Trekking Tours Rwanda
Nyungwe is the true typical rain forest receiving a considerable amount of over 2000mm annually and it is one of the oldest forests in Africa. This forest covers over 980kmS of hilly jungle and the park is contiguous with Kibira National Park in Burundi, together with the two protected areas form the largest block of forest in East Africa.

Nyungwe was originally set aside as a reserve in 1933, which although relatively effective, still saw it lose about 20 per cent as its area by 1984, when a coordinated forest-protection plan was implemented. It was elevated to national park status in March 2004.Any tourist to this forest enjoys a number of activities here which include;
Game drive
Nature walks
Birds watching
Village tours
Plant species

Nyungwe national park has a lot of accommodation that are situated both within and outside the park which include;
Nyungwe Forest Lodge
Nyungwe Hill Top view
Gisakura Guest House